Additive Vibrations
Live performance

This was the first iteration of a collaborative show resulting from the joining efforts of three artists: Music by Marina Herlop, Dance by Anna Serra and Ariadna Montfort , Light and Visuals by us. We all agreed to work under the idea of vibration: through sound, through movement and through light. We wanted to use light as a link that washed over the different disciplines present in the project. The use of light allowed us to refract and reflect from one discipline to the other.

Pure, additive light consists of RGB light sources that when brought together generate white light. In this case, we work with three different disciplines that create a visual show in which sound is influenced by dance, dance is influenced by music and all are influenced and brought together by the visual experience.

When this opportunity arose, we quickly decided that we wanted to create a visual show that was as ethereal and raw as much of Marina’s music is. From that, all of the parties involved danced together. Each of us showed what we thought was interesting to offer. A great feeling we take from this project is that there was space for all of our disciplines to evolve and harmonise, no clear driving force but a democratic dynamic of creating.

Commissioned by LAPSUS, this show was presented at COSMOCAIXA Barcelona in August 2022.

Credits +

  • Music
    Marina Herlop

  • Dance and Choreography
    Ariadna Montfort, Anna Serra

  • Light & Visuals
    Hamill Industries

  • Comissioned by
    LAPSUS - Cosmocaixa Bcn