Segundo de Chomón
El cinema de la fantasia, reinterpretat per Hamill

This large-scale projection was commissioned by Filmoteca de Catalunya to commemorate Segundo de Chomón’s honorific year. This piece is an exercise in reviewing the interests and methodologies of this filmmaking pioneer under a contemporary and personal scope.

The project took on some of the characteristics that best represent Chomón’s style: his interest in exploring every minute detail of filming techniques, the design and construction of his own mechanical tools, as well as the exploration of effects to explain and reinforce the narrative of his fantastic imaginary.

Credits +

  • Direction
    Hamill Industries

  • Producer
    Elisenda Arnavat

  • DOP
    Nathan Grimes

  • Props
    Carles Clemente, Francesc Sòria

  • Editor
    Aleix Montanyès

  • Compositing
    Nacho Naya

  • Music
    Nil Ciuró

  • Graphism
    Cristina López

  • Projection Technical support