Learn with us,
build with us.

Our studio does not only focus in the final creativity and vision, but also on how to build and combine the necessary technology to make it happen. Thats why our workshop is the core of our creative process, enhancing us to innovate and play with different technologies in every project. We dominate all the production process from the beginning, thus allowing us to decide the best technology and design to make any creation possible. We develop our own hardware so we can build and prototype any ideas we have in mind.

We want to share our expertise with our community, from creators to teachers, production companies, students, institutions and curious individuals by offering different solutions to make their ideas happen. From basic to complex products, we will be happy to provide advice, inspiration, technical solutions and developments, and even use our machinery and facilities to make something together.

Digital Fabrication

From CAD Modelling, CNC, laser milling machines and 3D printing; we can provide technical advice for your projects by helping with the designs and using our machines. We can also assess you with the right materials and find the accurate building technique to use.


We develop our own robotic and motion systems: from motion controls to flapping birds, mechanised planetariums and robotic legs. We love motors, therefore we can help you with any automatisation or robotisation you want to implement. We can rotate, move and bring to live your inventions, objects or camera systems. We can also help you with the synchronisation of different events such as motion controls, cameras, lights and any sort of triggers.


We love hand-working processes, that’s why we can design and assemble wood, but also weld metal structures. Our passion as makers comprise as well to work with our bare hands in the finishing of materials to accomplish the required look.


It makes us very happy to create crazy artifacts by combining different techniques and imaging procedures out of the box. We are gig freaks and our passion has led us to invent aquaponic systems, plant rotation gadgets, smoke ring machines and light painting devices. If you have any crazy idea, we can facilitate or even co-produce its development together.