AI Transmutations
A Posthuman Dance Ensemble

This project is an ongoing research on the use of AI to enable new forms of visual expression in a live performance. This experiment is directed by Hamill Industries and conducted by the award-winning dancer and choreographer Kianí del Valle, the prestigious university UPC (University Politècnica de Catalunya), and the renowned musician and producer Floating Points. 

The research is based on the premise of the interconnection of different forms of existence on Earth, and uses AI to visualise these relations by creating a visual dance ensemble based on yet inexistent interspecific organisms that react to the choreography. 

We want to search for new visual expressions based on the synthesis between natural organisms and the human body, all through dance and movement and use artificial intelligence as an enabler of this relationship. Thus allowing us to create a virtual ensemble of beings that interact and move with Kiani’s choreography.

The use of AI consists of a specific tool created by the UPC and Hamill Industries based on machine learning and computer vision techniques, that transfer the movement of the dancer Kianí del Valle into the visual ensemble, thus enabling new forms of performative collaborations between dance, visuals and music. 

The project is currently on tour and in constant development. 

Credits +

  • Creative Direction, Visuals & Lasers
    Hamill Industries

  • Dance & Choreography
    Kianí del Valle

  • UPC Research team
    ISTHMO (Stefano Rosso, Martí de Castro) Javier Ruiz

  • Music
    Floating Points

  • Hamill Team
    Francesc Sòria, Ton Cortiella

  • Introductory poem
    Belén Palos

  • Production
    Sidney Latil, Hamill

  • Lights
    Oscila Studio

  • Live Sound Engineering
    Anna Lanau

  • Photo Credits
    Alba Ruperez, Leafhopper

Press +