F5 Re:Play Fest

“Happy” was the theme we were given by the organizers for this year’s F5 Re:Play Fest, held in April in NYC, to create this edition’s pieces, probably the hardest thing to convey in any artistic expression. After a good deal of introspection, and teaming up with awesome motion graphics artist Gerardo del Hierro, we decided that happy wasn’t happy for Physalia unless pliers, microchips and a bit of soldering were involved, and with this idea we resolved to create the happiest machine Physalia (Hamill Industries & makmac) has built to date.

    Credits +

    • Comissioner:
      F5 Festival

    • Direction:
      Physalia (Hamill Industrries & makmac) & Gerardo del Hierro

    • Music:
      Fernando Dominguez