Installation - Light show

Chrysalis is a light and sound installation based on the shapes of the luminescent creatures that inhabited the realms of the sea depths and the abyssal pits.

It is a visual and musical spectacle that transports us to the depths by the hand of a reflective spherical body, conceptually and architecturally inspired by ctenophores and the resonant shells of marine snails.

This 2 meters diameter sphere is able to rotate, unfold and fold showing a luminescent core that radiates from the center of the organism.

As a result, this mysterious organism carries out a coordinated choreography of reflections, light and shadow to the rhythm of an ocean-inspired music, based on synthesisers and water sounds.

Chrysalis was premiered in 2019 at Llum BCN festival.

    Credits +

    • Created by
      Hamill Industries

    • Concept, Design & Construction Development
      Hamill Industries

    • Construction Assistance
      Francesc Sòria, Nathan Grimes

    • Digital Fabrication
      Hamill Industries, Medio Design

    • Coding
      Joan Cañellas

    • Sound Design

    • Production
      Christian Soares

    • Control Software and LED technology provided by

    • Sound and light provided by
      Codigo Sound

    • Making of
      Aleix Montanyés, We Love Martha

    • Special thanks to
      Oriol Pastor, Francesc Josep García (RICOH Salvans), Sebastián Baptista, Hanníbal Parada, Daniel Gallardo, Itzá and Jesús Escalona, James, Margarita, Dominique, Otti, Lorena, Anna Lanau, Sawe, Oriol Peña, Romàn Daniel, and specially to our families for the support and our beloved grandparents who sadly passed away during the production of this project.