Live Laser Show
Elaenia Tour

We created a laser show for Floating Point’s Elaenia’s world tour 16-17. The commission consisted in creating a stage installation, reactive to the music, that would translate the nature of Floating’s sound into visuals.

We developed a light reactive screen that allows us to draw abstract forms to the rhythm of the music; creating an immersive, hypnotic and rhythmic experience throughout the show. The performance has been seen in festivals and venues around the globe such as Coachella (US), Glastonbury (UK), Primavera Sound (Spain), Brooklynsteel (NYC) or Contact (Tokyo).

    Credits +

    • Direction:
      Hamill Industries

    • Concept and Technical Development:
      Hamill Industries

    • Animators:
      Oh My Hood

    • Hamill’s Assistant:
      Adrià Serarols

    • Stage Lights:
      John Partridge

    • Produced by:
      Hamill Industries & Pluto

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