Last Bloom
Music Video

Filmed over thirty days, Last Bloom takes us through a mesmerizing journey that highlights the juxtaposition of textures so central to Floating Points’ compositions, with emphasis on its ties with nature. Between sharp electronic sounds and warm synth textures, a lysergic visual universe is created, that quickly grows from planetary proportions to reach cosmic heights.

Several scale models were built in order to explore these otherworldly landscapes, and a 5-axis robot arm was used to travel around them, as well as proprietary motorized sliders and turntables. Different lenses, including a macro probe lens, were employed in order to reveal the complexity of these small scale worlds.

Most of the effects were achieved in-camera by using lasers, motion controls and computer-controlled LED lighting. The timelapses seen throughout the film were shot in some cases over several days with the help of programmed rigs.

The bubble textures were achieved in camera and synched to the music so they would react to sound, its internal structure dancing to the song.

In the final wormhole scene, over 14 meters of tunnels were either built or 3D printed, and the final section was LED programmed to achieve the colourful lighting effects. The whole sequence was later stitched in the compositing stage to achieve the dramatic odyssey towards the video’s meta-final.

    Credits +

    • Music by
      Floating Points

    • Directed and produced by
      Hamill Industries

    • Producer
      Belén Palos

    • DOP
      Nathan Grimes

    • Hamill Technical Team
      Jesús Escalona, Francesc Sòria, Joan Canyelles

    • Prop Making
      Carles Clemente

    • Bubbles
      Margarita Rojas

    • Sculptures & Landscaping
      Enric Sant

    • Flowers and Plants Arrangements
      Jeanette Ramirez & Sauvage Studios

    • VFX team
      Karen Weiss, Daniel López

    • Graphic Design
      Bey Rodríguez

    • Colorist
      Dani Granado

    • Making Of
      Young Soul Studios