Mojave Desert

“Reflections” is the first visual album by Floating Points and filmmaker Anna Diaz Ortuño (Hamill Industries). In late August 2016, Floating Points and his band travelled to the Mojave Desert to write and rehearse before the start of their US tour. Whilst visiting Joshua Tree National Park, they were struck not only by its physical beauty, but also by the sonic reflections from the rock formations; a unique combination of reverb, echo and phase shifting that directly influenced the creation and recording of his new album.

This film documents the creation of this new experiment of Floating Points, in which image and sound were combined to give rise to an album in visual format. “Reflections” intends to be a research on how music can be informed and shaped by external forces, on how nature and the environment influence the sound-waves that travel through the physical space.

    Credits +

    • Production:
      Pluto and Hamill Industries

    • Direction:
      Anna Diaz Ortuño (Hamill Industries)

The Band:
      Alex Reeve, Matthew Kirkis, Leo Taylor, Susumu Mukai, Sam Shepherd

    • Cinematographer:
      Jordi Ruiz Masó, AEC

    • Recording Engineer:
      Michael Parker

    • Audio Mix:
      Sam Shepherd, Jack Sugden, Joe Rubel

    • Colourist:
      Cristina Pérez

    • Graphism:
      Michele Angelo

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