Painting with Light

An oscillating stream of light attempts to intrude on an arid natural landscape, abstract light and a living environment merge, reacting to the dynamics of the music.

The luminous abstract forms are produced by a light-painting machine that, frame by frame, draws in a real environment the 3D animated figures. All are in-camera effects made by a custom built 3 axis machine capable of reproducing, in light, any form designed in 3D animation software. Whilst drawing the forms frame by frame, the machine is also programmable to control all other aspects of capturing the image, camera shutter release, lights and any other external events such as fog machines and motion control systems. The machine was designed and built from scratch by Hamill Industries.

    Credits +

    • Production:
      Hamill Industries, Pluto

    • Directors:
      Hamill Industries, Junior Martínez

    • Cinematographer:
      Nathan Grimes

    • Lead Animators:
      Fernando Domínguez, Wyz Borrero

    • Animators:
      Ohmyhood, Luis “Inkclear” Redondo

    • Concept Artists:
      Junior Martínez, Michele Angelo

    • Plants Set Decorators:
      Estudio Sauvage

    • Editor:
      Anna Diaz Ortuño

    • Post-production Team:
      Agus Verrastro, Florent Bastide

    • Digital Intermediate:
      Provided by RCO

    • RCO Colourist:
      Seth Ricart

    Press +