Tornado Ex Machina. Maserati
Creative Engineering

Under the orders of director Mau Morgó, and with the aim to create a device that replicates nature’s strength, we were paired with SFX company In Extremis Film Services, and Production Designer Paula Espuny to create a tornado machine powered by the force of the three Maserati of the Trofeo family. 

Our task in the project included work on the wind structures and the systems to activate the cars’ pedals, both systems engaged with remote control triggers. As RPM ramped up, more and more energy was directed to the industrial fans that created the natural phenomenon.

To monitor and show the inner workings of the system, we programmed, built and tidied up the visual interfaces and screens that appear throughout the video.

Using our laser equipment, we designed and operated the laser images that lit up the tornado.

    Credits +

    • Director/Creative
      Mau Morgó

    • Producer
      Aldo Guenther

    • DOP
      Albert Salas

    • 1st AD
      Guillermo Escribano

    • Production Designer
      Paula Espuny

    • Creative Engineering
      Hamill Industries

    • Hamill Team
      Nathan Grimes, James Grimes, Jesus Escalona, Francesc Sòria, Niel Riba

    • SFX
      Inextremis film services

    • Productin Co.
      Objectandanimal x Blur Films

    • EPs
      Zico Judge, James Cunningham

    • Editor
      Marc Soria

    • Grade
      Matt Osborne

    • Sound
      Factory Studio

    • Post Production
      The Mill

    • Agency