Vector graphics
Sound Waves as Pictures

This project started as a commission by artist Floating Points, who trusted us to develop a system capable of transforming sound-waves into modulable visual shapes and realtime animations for his solo live show tour 2017-2018.

Therefore, we created a body of images based on the Rutt-Etra machines, vector rescanning systems and early experimental abstract synth images and computer films. Every pulse we managed and modulate live was a sound wave, allowing us to use any sort of audio by using Ableton as our interface.

We developed a proprietary software that transforms 3D images into a sound-wave and vice-versa. To visualise all these pulses an 80’s game console monitor – Vectrex – was hacked.

All the images created together with complex sounds from modular synthesizers, became the artwork that we would play, perform and modulate live alongside Floating Points.

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