VORTEX mixes light, haze and sound in a unique combination that artistically depicts the surreal nature of the fluid dynamics phenomenon that goes by the same name.

This piece is the result of intensive research into material and process, exploring the potential of smoke and sound to behave in surprising ways. We have created an immersive space of visual contemplation and physical reactions to music to experience its propagation through multiple senses; sight, hearing and touch.

The result is an octagonal stargate that propels smoke rings with the sound of a kick drum. As the ring travels through space, lights track it revealing its ethereal journey. The synchronicity of light, sound and smoke generates an open and immersive space in which the audience can freely interact and explore. The lights create patterns of increasing complexity that interact seamlessly with an original musical score by Floating Points. 

Vortex has been exhibited at the Future Shock exhibition at the 180 Strand gallery in London, from the 28th of April until the 28th of June of 2022, and MIRA FESTIVAL 2016.

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