Mere Mortals, 2024
Production Design & Visuals

Tamara Rojo kicked off San Francisco Ballet’s 2024 season with a captivating sensory performance blending music and dance in stunning visuals. The new piece, set to music by Floating Points and choreographed by Aszure Barton, reinterprets the ancient tale of Pandora for today’s tech-driven world.

We designed a dynamic LED scenography shaping light into various spaces. Our portrayal of Pandora focused on her human complexities. She embodied the mix of good and bad in us all, symbolizing the responsibility that comes with power, akin to AI.

Thus, we combined traditional image-making with AI tools to explore this contradiction and its resulting aesthetics. This process prompted a rethink of our artistic methods within the contemporary technological landscape while maintaining our ability as creators to craft our images.

    Credits +

    • Choreographer
      Aszure Barton

    • Music Composed by
      Floating Points

    • Production Design and Visuals
      Hamill Industries

    • Costume Design
      Michelle Jank

    • Lighting Design
      Jim French

    • Dramaturg
      Carmen Kovacs

    • Collaborative Assistant
      James Gregg

    • Sound Engineer
      Lotta Westermarck

    • Copyist & Orchestral Assistant to the Composer
      Lara Serafin

    • Creative Coordinator & Dramaturg
      LeeAnn Rossi

    • Hamill Team
      Francesc Sòria, Sergi Margalef, Arrate Ayala, Laura Valles

    • World Premiere
      January 26, 2024—San Francisco Ballet, War Memorial Opera House; San Francisco, California

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