Visual installation

This piece vividly depicts imbalances in nature and the pressing issue of climate change while proposing solutions for a sustainable future. This piece invites viewers to reflect on their place in the natural world and join the collective effort to create a sustainable future.

SURGE is an engaging experience that aims to inspire collective action and foster an understanding of our environmental responsibilities.

The artwork has been commissioned by the architecture studio Pascuals Design and is on permanent display in the exhibition “Still On Time”, serving as the culmination of the museum experience.

Credits +

  • Creative Direction
    Hamill Industries

  • Production
    Sidney Latil

  • Shooting
    Nathan Grimes, Carles Clemente, Hamill Industries

  • Editing & Colour
    Jose Ostos, Anna Diaz

  • Electronics & Programming
    Pablo Barquín, Hamill

  • Graphic Design
    Felipe & Lorena

  • Motion Graphics
    Guille Colet

  • Composition
    Ultra Mega Fino, Hamill

  • Music and Sound Design
    Eduard Bujalance